Summer is Leaf-ing Us

Aug 28, 2012

Leaf Crafts 2012 As quickly as summer came it seems to be escaping us once again. While some of us are cherishing every last ounce of summer, some are welcoming the cooler temperatures and beauty that is fall.

Leaves in the We Go North area have already started to shed their robust green color in favor of the golden and red hues that come with September.

With the leaves comes a cornucopia of seasonal craft ideas. No matter how old one is, there is something magical and reminiscent about painting leaves with earthy colors for décor, homemade cards or whatever your heart - or art - desires.

Some We Go North favorites are making pinecone wreaths and using larger leaves as stamps on a canvas. Half the fun just comes from being outside and collecting your supplies!

There's always something great to do in the We Go North area.

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