Going the Distance with Marathon Woman

Aug 27, 2012

Marathon Woman GPRCThe Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre is starting the school year off with a bang or - should we say starter pistol? Acclaimed speaker Kathrine Switzer will be sharing her story of perseverance and determination.

Kathrine is probably better known as the woman who forever changed the face of sports for women. In 1967, Kathrine caused an uproar by entering to run in the iconic all-male Boston Marathon. Conservative organizers physically tried to remove her from the race.

Finishing the Boston Marathon was only the beginning of the path Switzer would lead for female runners and athletes around the world. The Boston skirmish helped put women runners on the map, but it was Switzer's years of legwork afterward that led the International Olympic Committee to add a women's marathon to the Games' program.

Kathrine’s tenacity proved that women would not lose their femininity from running a marathon. Switzer plans to run the race again in 2017, the 50th anniversary of the year officials tried to push her out. Every year since, Switzer has pushed back, and women distance runners are forever grateful.

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